DAY 2 - 19th July 2018

DAY 2 - 19th of July 2018 Grand Ballroom
0830 - 0915 PLENARY 2
Neuroinflammatory Mechanisms Involved in Alzheimer's Disease
Professor Douglas Gordon Walker (Shiga University of Medical Science, Japan)
Chairperson: Professor Dr. Erich Gnaiger
0915 - 1015 Free Communication 2
Chairperson : Associate Professor Dr. Azman Abdullah, Dr. Jaya Kumar A/L Murthy
1015 - 1145 Morning Tea Break & Poster Judging
1145 - 1300 Symposium 3
Theme : Redox Medicine & NCDs
Chairperson : Chairperson: Professor Dr. Norzana Abd. Ghafar, Dr. Sang-Bing Ong
1145 - 1210 Lead Paper: Hormone Therapy in Brain Aging and Alzheimers Disease
Professor Dr. Meharvan Singh (Institute for Aging and Alzheimers Disease Research, University of North Texas Health Science Center, USA)
1210 - 1235 Redox Regulation by Medicinal Plants in Aging and Diseases
Associate Professor Sasitorn Chusri (Prince of Songkhla University, Thailand)
1235 - 1300 Oxidative Stress and Potential Applications of Free Radical Scavengers in Glaucoma
Professor Dr Liza Sharmini Ahmad Tajudin (Department of Ophthalmology, Universiti Sains Malaysia)
1300 - 1415 Lunch
1415 - 1500 PLENARY 3
Is H2O2 Production Increased at High Mitochondrial Membrane Potential? Facts And Artefacts Under Normoxia, Hyperopia, and Hypoxia.
Professor Dr. Erich Gnaiger (The Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria)
Chairperson: Professor Dr. Yasmin Anum Mohd Yusof
1500 - 1640 Symposium 4
Theme : Mitochondria and Age-Related Diseases
Chairperson : Professor Dr. Norfilza Mohd Mokhtar, Dr. Mohd Hanafi Ahmad Damanhuri
1500 - 1525 Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Alzheimer’s Disease and Its Modulation by Tocopherol Isomer
Professor Dr. Suzana Makpol (Faculty of Medicine, The National University of Malaysia)
1525 - 1550 Control of Mitochondrial DNA Integrity in Ageing and Diseases
Professor Dr. Zarina Abdul Latif (Faculty of Medicine, The National University of Malaysia)
1550 - 1615 Mitochondrial Abnormalities in Idiopathic Autism Spectrum Disorder
Dr. Norwahidah Abdul Karim (Faculty of Medicine, The National University of Malaysia)
1615 - 1640 Shape-Shifters in The Heart: Heralding A New Era of Mitochondrial Medicine. Or Not?
Dr. Sang-Bing Ong (Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore)
1640 - 1700 Closing Ceremony with free flow tea and coffee